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The forum of the First generation

This is the first AIM 2 Clan Wars forum created by (-o0$paceman0o-) for the fans of this widely unknown, but great game, and our goals are to make this game famous!
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 Pushing the game back alive

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PostSubject: Pushing the game back alive   Pushing the game back alive I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 07, 2013 12:45 pm

Hey all, first post.

I want to say that I played this game last time when I was about 8, and the only memories I have are the best ones. LOVED the ambiance, sadly kinda forgot a lot of the story because I played it in Russian, moved to England since then. Long times.

Anyways. I found this forum just today, and it seems to be quite new, I don't remember seeing it come up before when I was looking for memories. I would really love if someone bothered to bring the game back up. Just generally having a bit of a larger userbase would be awesome.

Sadly a lot of the people ignore me when I tell them of this awesome game back from the early 2000s which runs on DirectX8 (Everyone wants flashy games lately >.>) but if we had a central point where people can collect to learn a bit about the game, that would be awesome.

One of the things that people (well, I do at least) first look for is the Wiki. A Wiki(a) gives the new user a basic idea of the pre-story, gameplay, visuals. That is what I found most lacking about both AIM and AIM2. I remember that the install disc came with an HTML page that described all the weapons/gliders, but that wasn't as efficient.

I say, that the first step to get more people to play, at least the first or the second game, is to provide them with a user friendly user-built. Once we have more people playing, there is a higher chance we can get a lot of competitive programmers and other people who can contribute to building the next game.

This is a "Cheer Up Guys" message. Please, make AIM3 (Mechanoids 3) a reality one day. I cannot die with this game being incomplete.

P.S.: What does A.I.M even stand for? I remembered the game as "Mekhanoidy", and this is what I will call it for ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Pushing the game back alive   Pushing the game back alive I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 6:35 am

Russian title is "МЕХАНОИДЫ" As seen here:

It means Mechanoid. Something is a mechanical android ?!

The game is also called "Mechanoids" "Mechminds" , and "A.I.M - Artificial Intelligence Machine"
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Pushing the game back alive
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